dynamic educator

Jewish Interactive is looking for a dynamic educator who would like to
> be involved in implementing Shabbat Interactive in North America .
> This person would play a role in producing more dynamic interactive
> Jewish curriculum and accompanying interactive student homework
> applications.
> Person required needs to be outgoing, organized, dynamic, out- the
> –box thinker, professional , good at marketing, worked in education,
> ability to travel , passionate about making a difference to Jewish
> family life in North America.
> Job Description:
> – Establish a Jewish Interactive US branch
> – Contact and meet all schools in North America
> – Market Jewish Interactive products
> – Train schools how to implement Shabbat Interactive effectively
> – Assess the Interactive curriculum needs for North American Jewish
> schools and children
> Please contact : nicky@jewishinteractive.net or call 0027823074691

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