retail research in Miami

Our company (Haynes and Company Consulting) provides retail research
for firms on Wall St (institutional investors, pension funds, etc). We
have an extensive network of shoppers (around 50 shoppers) who cover
most of the major US cities (DC, Boston, LA, SF, NY, Chicago, Houston,
Dallas) as well as some international presence (London, Hong Kong,
etc.). Many of our shoppers have full-time jobs – this is just
something they do in the off-time because they think it’s
fun/interesting (and wouldn’t mind the extra income).

I am looking for people to visit a set of stores in Miami. This is a
great opportunity for someone who is interested in retail and is
detail-oriented (also helpful if you like shopping/being in stores).

If you know of anyone who might be interested and lives in Miami,
please forward this message to them!



Do you always look for patterns in things?
Are you obsessed with consumers and how they buy?
Do you love to shop?

If any of the above are you, turn it into some extra income!

I’m continuing to build my team of retail store checkers located in
the United States. You would visit a basket of pre-determined stores
in local shopping districts and report back your observations via web
survey. Previous experience is preferred but not required. What is
necessary is a love of retail, a natural curiosity, and an ability to
pay attention to and discern observable patterns.

These projects would kick-off immediately and would run at least
through March 2012, with high likelihood of extending to the end of
Pay starts at $25 hourly and goes up to flat fees in the $100-150
range depending on the project.

If interested, please contact me directly at


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