Senior System Administrator

> Sailthru is looking for a Senior System Administrator.
> The Role:
> The Senior Systems Administrator will build and maintain the company’s
> fast-growing architecture and play a key role in shaping Sailthru’s
> architecture at this exciting time of growth. Specifically, the Senior
> Systems Administrator will be responsible for:
> Partnering with the CTO to ensure the architecture is set up to scale with
> Sailthru and the platform
> Developing and improving efficient and reliable deployment and maintenance
> strategies
> Establishing and coordinating system development tasks to include design,
> integration and formal testing
> Developing and completing actions in system specifications, technical and
> logistical requirements and other disciplines
> Designing and implementing scalable processes for efficient delivery and
> operations of production services and transitions into production
> Managing, monitoring and architecting data center components
> Ensuring a consistent quality level of the hosting environment
> Investigating new and emerging technologies and services to ensure Sailthru
> is one step ahead of the curve and always using the best components to solve
> the problem at hand
> Qualifications and Requirements:
> The ideal candidate for the Senior Systems Administrator role MUST have the
> below listed experience and skill sets:
> 5-7+ years of experience in systems administration with track record of
> success
> Aggressive and decisive thinking combine with strong communication and
> collaboration skills
> Experience in building Linux systems (CentOS, Debian) and open source
> technologies and platforms
> Experience with cloud platforms (particularly EC2)
> Familiarity with distributed version control systems (Git, Mercurial,
> Bazaar)
> Experience working with Virtual machines (Xen, VMWare)
> Experience with data center tasks, including rack and stack, cabinet design
> and basic understand of power, space and cooling usage.
> Experience with handling AWS based systems
> Experience with configuration management systems and concepts (Chef, Puppet,
> etc.)
> Passionate for automation and
> Dare to play with bleeding-edge technologies as they evolve
> Strong problem solving and documentation skills and a true team-player
> In addition to this required experiential skill set, the ideal candidate for
> this role will also likely have some of the below listed “nice to have”
> qualifications:
> Experience with Continuous Deployment Environments
> Basic Knowledge of bash and scripting languages like: PHP, Python, Ruby
> Experience with server automation
> Experience with VPNs
> Experience with managing networking management systems and monitoring tools
> (Cacti, Graphite, Nagios)
> Experience with managing database and large data tools like MongoDB and
> Hadoop
> Expert knowledge in network security

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