Service Times:

Friday,July 20,
Parshat Devorim Shabbat Chazon
Early Candle Lighting 7:20 PM
Candle Lighting B’zman 8:05 PM
Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat/Ma’ariv: 7:30 PM
Shkia –8:23 PM
Rabbi Yaakov Sprung returns as Beth Israel Synagogue’s Scholar-in-
Residence on Shabbat July 28, Shabbat Nachamu, Parshat
Vaetchanan: the community is invited. Rabbi Sprung will
speakdirectly following Musaf at approximately 11:00 -11:15 AM;
Topic: “Feeling Shabbos: thru Genetics and Soul”
followed by Kiddush (all invited) and again at Seudah Shlishit.
Shabbat July 21
Shacharit 9:00 AM followed by Musaf and a Kiddush.
Kiddush is sponsored by Dr.’s Roberta and Yitzhak Strauchler in memory of Yitz’s
beloved father, Yona ben Zvi Hersh Strauchler, AH” whose Yahrzeit is on Shabbat
Tisha B’Av.
Mincha: 6:00 PM
Skia; Complete Eating –begin Fast 8:22 PM
Maariv: 9:21 PM Note Late Time for Ma’ariv
Motzaei Shabbat: 9:11 PM
Sunday,July 15 – Shacharit 8:00 AM
Tisha B’Av Fast Continues
Minchah at 7:45 PM
Maariv 8:45 PM
Fast Ending at 8:57 PM
Monday, Jul 23- Shacharit: 6:05 AM
Tuesday, Jul 24 – Shacharit: 6:10 AM
Wednesday, Jul 25 – Shacharit: 6:10 AM
Thursday, Jul 26 – Shacharit: 6:05 AM
Friday, Jul 27 – Shacharit: 6:10 AM

Community Announcement
1. This year Tisha B’Av is on Shabbat. However, other than on Yom Kippur, we do not fast
on Shabbat. The Fast is thus pushed off until Saturday Night/Sunday
The Fast of Tisha B’Av commences on Shabbat at Shkia, even though it is still Shabbat.
(On Shabbos one does not have a special Seudas Mafsekes. One may eat meat and drink
wine until the fast. However one must start the fast at Shkia). The remaining
prohibitions of the fast, washing, anointing, wearing leather shoes and extended
greetings, do not begin until the end of Shabbat.
Many bring their non-leather shoes to shul before Shabbos and don them just prior to
Barachu on Matzaei Shabbat.
If one didn’t and one uses the Eiruv, one can bring them on Shabbos (Rav Shlomo
Zalman, and Rav Belsky). Other people wait until Motzaei Shabbat, change and drive
down and we have a 10 minute period post the end of Shabbat to do that.
2. BI is partnering with a charitable trust to offer financial aid assistance to needy elderly.
Anyone wishing to inquire can contact Doug Eisenberg, President.
3. Nechama Price now serves as a consultant to women in the West Orange/Livingston
communities to answer questions related to niddah and family purity. She can be reached
at or 201-888-6999.