Friday April 19:
Sell Chametz if not accomplished yet!
Last time to eat Chametz – 10:41 AM
Burn Chametz by 11:49 AM
Service Times:
Friday, Apr 19 2019
Candle Lighting: 7:22PM Shkia 7:40 PM
Mincha: 7:20 PM followed by Ma’ariv Shabbat combined with Yom Tov Pesach
First Seder
Shabbat Apr 20, Pesach Day 1
Shacharit: 9:00 AM, followed by Musaf and Kiddush
Kiddush is sponsored by Joe Falkenstein.
Mincha: 7:10 PM followed by Seuda Shilishit
Ma’ariv 8:00 PM
Counter the Omer Commences Night 2 of Pesach
Count 1 in the Omer
Candle Lighting for Yom Tov after 8:25 PM
Second Seder begins after 8:25 PM

Sunday, Apr 21, Pesach Day 2
Shacharit 9:00 AM followed by Musaf and Kiddush.
Kiddush is sponsored by Joe Falkenstein.
Mincha 7:25 PM
Ma’ariv 8:20
Havdalah 8:26 PM
Count 2 in the Omer


Monday Apr 22, Chol HaMoed Day 1, Shacharit at 5:55 AM
Monday Night Count 3 in the Omer
Tuesday Apr 23, Chol HaMoed Day 2, Shacharit at 5:55 AM
Tuesday Night Count 4 in the Omer
Wednesday Apr 24, Chol HaMoed Day 3, Shacharit at 5:55 AM
Wednesday Night Count 5 in the Omer
Prepare and Bless an Eruv Tavshilin done in evening prior to going to Shul
(Preparing food on Friday, (Tom Tov) for Shabbat)
Thursday Apr 25, Chol HaMoed Day 4, Shacharit 5:55 AM
Thursday Night Yom Tov
Candle Lighting 7:28 PM Shkia 7:47 PM
Mincha 7:30 PM followed by Yom Tov Ma’ariv
Thursday Night Count 6 in the Omer
Friday Morning April 26, Day 7 of Pesach – Yom Tov
Shacharit 9;00 AM followed by Musaf and Kiddush

Kiddush is sponsored by Joe Falkenstein

Friday Night Candle Lighting 7:29 PM Shkia 7:47 PM
Mincha followed by Shabbat Ma'ariv 7:30 PM
Friday Night Count  7, 1 Week in the Omer

Friday Night Candle Lighting 7:39 PM
Mincha followed by Shabbat Ma’ariv 7:30 PM
Friday Night Count 7 -1 Week in the Omer
Shabbat April 27 Day 8, Last Day of Pesach
Shacharit 9:00 AM
Megilat Shir HaShirim is read prior to the Torah Laining
Yizkor prior to Musaf, not before10:30 AM
Followed by Musaf and Kiddush


Kiddush is sponsored by Miriam and Nate Sheff in memory of the Yahrtzeit of
Nate’s beloved mother, Rifka bas Nossan , A’H
Mincha 7:20 PM followed by Seuda Shilishit
Ma’ariv 8:28 PM
Havdala 8:34 PM
Count 8 in the Omer
It is customary to delay at least one hour prior to eating Chametz to allow time
for the Chametz to be rebought

Sunday April 28 – Shacharit 8:00 AM
Sun. Night Count 9 in the Omer
Monday April 29, Shacharit, 6:05 AM
Mon. Night Count 10 in the Omer
Tuesday April 30, Shacharit 6:10 AM
Tues. Night Count 11 in the Omer
Wednesday May 1, Shacharit 6:10 AM
Wed. Night Count 12 in the Omer
Thursday May 2, Shacharit 6:05 AM
Thurs. Night, Count 13 in the Omer
Friday May 3, Shacharit 6:10 AM

Community Announcements
1. Mazel Tov to Dana Wruble upon her engagement to Ethan Amzallag, both of
Jerusalem. Mazel tov to parents, Nadine & Rusty Wruble and Joel & Catherine


Amzallag of Paris, France. Mazel Tov to grandmother, Mrs. Lorraine Rennert and
the entire Wruble/Amzallag families.
2. We respectfully request that you arrive on-time to support the Friday Mincha
3. BI is partnering with a charitable trust to offer financial aid assistance to needy
elderly. Anyone wishing to inquire can contact Doug Eisenberg, President
4. Nechama Price now serves as a consultant to women in the West Orange/
communities to answer questions related to niddah and family purity. She can be
reached at or 201-888-6999