Service Times:
Friday  March 13, 2020

Candle Lighting: 6:44 PM; Shkia 7:02 PM

Mincha:  6:45 PM followed by Kabbalat Shabbat
On Shabbat March 20/21, Rabbi Yaakov Sprung returns as scholar-in-
residence. Details to follow.
Shabbat Mar 14, – Parshat  Ki Tisa (5780)
Parshat Parah
Numbers 19:1-22 (the beginning of Parasha Chukat) describes the parah adumah ("red
heifer") in the Jewish temple as part of the manner in which the Kohanim and the
Jewish people purified themselves so that they would be ready ("pure") to sacrifice the
korban Pesach.

Shacharit: 9:00 AM, followed by Musaf, and Kiddush
Latest Shema time-Gra & Baal HaTanya-10:07 AM
Kiddush is sponsored by Dorene and Ron Richman
in memory of the Yahrzeit of Ron’s beloved
mother, Esther bat heChaver Tzvi, A’H.
Mincha: 6:25 PM: followed by Seudah Shilishit
Maariv: 7:38 PM
Havdalah 7:44 PM


Sunday, Mar 15
Shacharit 8:00 AM

Monday Mar 16, Shacharit 6:05 AM
Earliest Talit and Tefilin, 6:13 AM – Sun is 11 degrees below horizon

Tues  Mar 17,  Shacharit: 6:10 AM
Earliest Talit and Tefilin, 6:11 AM  – Sun is 11 degrees below horizon


Wed Mar 18, Shacharit 6:10 AM
Earliest Talit and Tefilin, 6:09 AM  – Sun is 11 degrees below horizon

Wednesday Night Mar 18, –  Beth Israel Synagogue will continue its weekly
Wednesday Night Torah Learning Initiative program. The entire
community is invited. The Learning session will run from 8:00 PM to 8:45
PM to be followed by Maariv. Light refreshments will be served. Topic:
Masechet Megilah. The learning session is led by Rabbi Mordechai Witkin.

Thursday Mar 19, Shacharit 6:19 AM
Earliest Talit and Tefilin, 6:08 AM  – Sun is 11 degrees below horizon

Friday Mar 20, Shacharit  6:10 AM
Earliest Talit and Tefilin, 6:06 AM  – Sun is 11 degrees below horizon

No more Kissing Mezuzah.
Per Rabbi David Lau, Chief Rabbi of Israel, "During these
days, when we are witness to the spread of a serious
disease, there is no doubt that one should not kiss the
mezuzah or touch it at all, Reflect on the Torah passages as
one passes the mezuzah"
And per Yeshiva University Halacha session, no more
kissing Torah. Think of it with reverence as it passes.

Community Announcements
1. Beth Israel will be running a tour to Poland with Rav Yaakov Sprung and
Doug Eisenberg on 28 June – 2 July 2020. Please contact Doug for
specific details.
2.   As is our custom every year, Beth Israel Synagogue has arranged with to
distribute Maot Hitim funds to MetroWest area families in need to assist them in
preparing for Pesach. Checks can be mailed to Beth Israel Synagogue (567
Pleasant Valley Way) or deposited in an envelope placed in the Shul lobby on the
bulletin board. Last Day for collection is Tuesday March 31 st .


3.   Anyone wishing to sponsor a Kiddush, please contact Surri Rapaport
at     973-736-2316 for availability and particulars.
4.   We respectfully request that you arrive on-time to support the Shabbat
5.   BI is partnering with a charitable trust to offer financial aid assistance
to needy elderly. Anyone wishing to inquire can contact Doug Eisenberg,
5.   Nechama Price now serves as a consultant to women in the West
Orange/ communities to answer questions related to niddah and family
purity. She can be reached at or 201-888- 6999