Service Times:

Friday, Feb 16
Parshat Teruma
Candle Lighting 5:14 PM
Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat/Ma’ariv: 5:15 PM
Rabbi Yaakov Sprung will return as Scholar-in- Residence at Beth
Israel Synagogue, in 1 week on Shabbat February 24, Shabbat
Tetzaveh, Shabbat Zachar. The community is invited. Rabbi Sprung
will speak directly following Musaf at approximately 11:00 -11:15 AM –
Topic:  Purim : Recommitment by Design
followed by Kiddush (all invited) and again at Seudah Shilishit, 5:20

Shabbat, Feb 17, Parshat Teruma
Shacharit 9:00 AM followed by Musaf, and a Kiddush Sponsored by Stan Kaplan in gratitude
to Hashem, the Almighty.

Mincha: 5:00 PM followed by Seudah Shilishit
Maariv: 6:10 PM
Motzaei Shabbat: 6:16 PM

Sunday, Feb 18 – Shacharit 8:00 AM
Monday, Feb 19 – Shacharit: 6:05 (President’s Day)
Tuesday, Feb 20 – Shacharit: 6:10
Wednesday, Feb 21 – Shacharit: 6:10 AM
Thursday, Feb 22 – Shacharit: 6:05 AM
Friday, Feb 23 – Shacharit: 6:10 AM
1. We regret to inform you of the passing of Sarah Levitt, longtime community founder and
beloved mother of David Levitt, our long time Board member and presently Secretary,
Larry Levitt and Francis Heller.
Burial will take place on Friday morning, 2/16 in Beit Shemesh Israel at Eretz Hachaim
Cemetery. David and Frances will be returning next week for Shiva in West Orange and
Larry will sit at his home in Jerusalem. More details to follow.
2. As is our custom every year, Beth Israel Synagogue has arranged with
JKHA/RKYHS, and local individuals to distribute Matanot L’evyonim funds on
Purim day to MetroWest area families in need. An envelope will be placed on the
bulletin board in the Beth Israel Shul entrance. Please deposit your check in the
envelope by Monday morning, February 26.

3. Nechama Price now serves as a consultant to women in the West Orange/Livingston
communities to answer questions related to niddah and family purity. She can be
reached at or 201-888- 6999.
4. BI is partnering with a charitable trust to offer financial aid assistance to needy elderly.
Anyone wishing to inquire can contact Doug Eisenberg, President.